New look for my children´s book illustration / Fantasy & Science Fiction art website. Or… how to try to organize 20 years of paintings and going crazy once again.

Well… short post this one. Just to mention that as you might have guessed this website has now a new look. I´ve been trying for ages to organize my illustration content and you´re looking at another miserable attempt at that. If you have an idea and you think you need a children´s book illustrator, or fantasy / scif concept artist then have fun exploring my page.


So if you´re browsing the internet looking to find a children´s book illustrator, trying to understand how to hire a children´s book illustrator or you are wondering how much does it cost to hire a children´s book illustrator take a look at my work and send me an email with details for your project. 😉

Click here to see some of my children´s book illustrations.

Click here to see some of my concept art or fantasy / scifi illustrations

Click here to see an example of one of my recent books “The Masterpiece (One big canvas – Book 1)

Click here to download and read my free Martian Fantasy Comics adventure too.




If you are searching for how to hire a children´s book illustrator or concept artist take a look at my illustration portfolio (Fantasy or Childrens Book art ) no matter what your budget is don´t hesitate to contact me and let´s see what we can do togheter.









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