On a hot summer night

Although I thought I was never going to own a Windows device ever again as I trully love the way Mac fits all my illustration needs, recently I got a new SURFACE PRO 6 and so I installed my faithful Clip Studio Paint EX and started to test it out.
These were my first two sort of speed painting examples I created with the help also of that amazing digital pen that you can buy with the Surface hardware.

summer night - 1250X

Actually I found illustrating with the Surface Pro 6 a lot more difficult or less intuitive than if I´m working with IPad Pro for a simple reason. I totally forgot that despite looking like a tablet the Surface are not tablets, but mainly are PCs that look like tablets. This means that for example a software like Clip Studio Paint just works as it does on a regular desktop. If you have a keyboard attached you can use shortcuts while painting but it you want to try to emulate a painting tablet with it, it takes some time and a lot of frustration before you discover that the touch shortcuts like “undo” or “copy” , etc that are so easy and intuitive to work with your fingers on PROCREATE on an IPad , these don´t exist on a Surface Pro running any illustration software. This means that what we can only do is use our digital pencil as a mouse and work through each of the available pulldown menu options on each software to do everything we need to do. Exactly as if we were working on a pc without a keyboard.

summer night FINAL-RUST-1250X

This does not mean the Surface is not a cool hardware. When we find the balance between not being able to use it as a painting touch tool and we adapt to that frustrating thing of having to use our pencil as a mouse to turn on each and every option of a painting software, if you want portability and also want a PC , the Surface is a good buy.
But if you´re an artist looking for portability and a more touch and go feel to the way you paint, then I would advise buying the IPad PRO instead.

Anyway, this was my first atempt at painting with Surface Pro and was inspired by a Jim Steinman /  Meat Loaf song ” On a Hot Summer Night” actually.




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