Another one from my “speed painting” current trend. Although “speed” is not even the right description for this process because although it didn´t took me 12 hours or so to complete it also didn´t took me 30 minutes either.
But I´m enjoying creating my world in this style where details are more about shapes and visual sugestions than on me actually having to draw them.
It has more of a traditional painting feel too and that is something that I always try to achieve.

Desert Run color 3 - 1250x

Someone told me the creature style resemples something like “Dr Seuss”, but it was totally accidental if it does as that author was never part of my imaginary world or was ever a reference from any of my thing.

Desert Run color 2 - 1250x

Desert Run 1A - 1250x

All my pics are more inspired by 70s european comics, like Meziére´s – VALERIAN or by novels / movie like DUNE. Although when it comes to fantasy type scenery my main inspiration source will always be The Neverending Story, book and movie.







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