This is my original “THUNDER & LIGHTNING” artwork, I did many, many, many light years ago in a galaxy far, far away. It belongs to a time when I was transitioning from 15 years of traditional illustration work into the digital age myself and I didn´t had a clue about what I was doing.

The lightning said shizzle - 750X

This whole childrens book project, which was my first one in digital, was all done fingerpainting ( yes, painted with my fingers ) on my old IPAD2 , using one of the earlier versions of ARTRAGE which back then was one of the few good apps available for illustration for the Apple device.

Pag 16 - Thunder swung - 750XPag 17 - Lightning flung - 750XPage 4 and 5 - 1500XThunder belted out a sound - 750XPag 7 - While lightning- 750Xthunder ready to blow- 1500XPag 10 and 11 - Spread 2- 1500Xpag 14 - thunder pounded the sky- 750Xpag 15 - lightning war cry - 750XPag 9 - The lightning said shizzle - 1500XPag 12 - thunder had his fists up- 750XPag 20 and 21 - The battle raged on- 1500XPag 23 - Who won the fight - 750X

Anyway, these images ended up becoming a real book, which has been available at amazon since 2014, written by Mary Evans and Illustrated by me without much of a clue about what I was doing in digital at the time. Nevertheless, this was one of the most fun book projects for me and I would love to do a sequel or a remake of this one someday.









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